Cartier Automatic Watch Is Some Classy, Drool-Worthy Bling

Reviewed by Michael S. Lasky

A $20 drug store watch will do if all you want is the time, but luxury watches are about more than just counting hours and minutes.

To be honest, many people buy luxury watches — generally, any watch priced at over $1,000 — because they are status symbols, planted on your wrist for all to see. They are also an investment, a finely crafted piece of bejeweled artwork to pass along to future generations. But most of all, they are pure functionality taken to the extreme, precision time-keepers tuned to split-second accuracy.

So I expected both mechanical perfection and a serious bling factor when I agreed to test the new Calibre de Cartier auto-winding watch, a $7,000 new release from the classic jeweler Cartier.

There are two notable firsts for Cartier here: this is the first watch caliber in the company’s history designed specifically for the men’s “sports” market, and it’s the first equipped with an automatic mechanical movement crafted entirely in-house at its La Chaux-de-Fonds workshop in Switzerland.

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