ArtRage: quality digital painting on the cheap

Dave Girard

<em>ArtRage</em>: quality digital painting on the cheap

If Wacom’s ever-increasing array of consumer-oriented tablets is any indicator, it’s not just professionals who are looking to get their fingers wet with some pixel paint—and not everyone can afford Painter, Corel’s undisputed champion of natural media painting.

Ambient Design’s ArtRage has built up a reputation as an inexpensive Painter alternative, and it has a loyal following of artists who are producing some very good work. As someone who has used ArtRage for a few projects, I wanted to write this review to help people cut through the "Better than Painter!" Internet chatter, understand this app’s strengths and weaknesses, and determine if it’s right for your project. I’ll also compare ArtRage Studio Pro to other applications that cover similar ground.

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