Most tumors not within cell phone radiation range

A technician examines a mobile phone in a test room at the Market Surveilance Laboratories of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority of Turkey, in Ankara June 9, 2011. REUTERS/Umit Bektas

By Alison McCook


(Reuters Health) – Brain tumors among cell phone users are not clustered within range of most of the radiation emitted from the devices, a new report finds – suggesting that mobile phones do not cause cancer.

Moreover, people who had used mobile phones for the longest amount of time, and spent the most time on the phones, were no more likely to experience tumors located within 5 centimeters of the phone, where "90 percent of the radiation" is emitted, study author Dr. Suvi Larjavaara from the University of Tampere in Finland told Reuters Health.

These findings appeared as the World Health Organization announced that, upon review of available scientific evidence, cell phones should be classified as "possibly carcinogenic."

Although the results of the Finnish study may be reassuring, they are certainly not conclusive, Larjavaara cautioned. Cancer can take a long time to develop, and only 5 percent of the people included in the study had been using mobile phones for at least 10 years, the authors note in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Larjavaara acknowledged that these latest findings contradict the WHO’s latest announcement, which placed cell phone use in the same cancer risk category as coffee and chloroform. The WHO had previously said there was no established evidence for a link between cell phone use and cancer.

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One Response to “Most tumors not within cell phone radiation range”
  1. Russell says:

    Interesting. While a cellphone is an important device in my life, I do take precautions. More recently, I make sure it is off before I carry it around in my pocket. From what I’m gathering, it is said testicular cancer is linked to carrying one around in pocket. This post is reassuring, but now that the information is out, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Cancer, tumors, etc are nothing to play with. Still, good read.

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