LulzSec rampage continues: 62k e-mails and passwords, CIA attacked

Peter Bright

LulzSec rampage continues: 62k e-mails and passwords, CIA attacked

Hacking group Lulz Security is continuing to amuse itself at the expense of others, with the release today of 62,000 e-mail addresses and associated passwords. The group didn’t say where it got the information, or how it got it; instead, it exhorted its Twitter followers to create lulz of their own, and use the information to break into Facebook, Twitter, World of Warcraft, and much more—a task often made easy by the use of shared passwords.

The tweets that followed suggest that their followers have risen to the challenge, with numerous tales of multiple e-mail break-ins and account compromises, vandalism of Facebook and dating site profiles, and more.

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