DSK and the French-American Misunderstanding

By Guy Sorman
Translated By Yanina Weingast

Edited by Alexan­der Anderson

Spain – ABC – Original Article (Spanish)
Three weeks ago, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) was only known to the French and other countries as a modern socialist who might finally lead the French Left from Marxism to globalization. Only 10 minutes were enough from his arrest by the NYPD and the departure of his flight to Paris to reveal that DSK was nothing but an impostor, a false modern who found himself in the wrong era and country.
DSK thought he was still living at a time when the "great men" of the age could act as sexual predators without incurring any risk. In the worst-case scenario, the girl keeps the secret; in the best-case scenario, she thanks the Prince for the favor.
It is clear that DSK was ignorant of the sexual revolution and the equal dignity of the sexes. He also forgot about the information revolution. In the information age, any inappropriate act of this nature cannot avoid being exposed.
A few minutes after his detention, blogs around the world went crazy about the scandal. This era is no longer one in which powerful people can buy journalists or try to silence them. As a result, his reputation has been left "in ruins," and whether he was violent to the maid or not it makes no difference at all. The outcome of his trial will determine his immediate fate, but will not change anything in this matter, or the fact of his political inadequacy.
DSK chose the wrong place to commit his offense. Perhaps he thought he was in a Parisian hotel. It was his bad luck, because he was still in New York. Silence and complicity might have been possible in France, but in the United States they are inconceivable.
The problem is that the French do not understand the situation. Judging by the comments of those on the left, as well as public opinion in general, it is clear that a complete misunderstanding prevails. The different ways in which the French and the Americans have focused on the accusation against Dominique Strauss-Kahn demonstrate how France and the United States are truly and profoundly different countries.

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