Cordless Drills Deliver Builder Brawn in Nimble Packages

Roundups· $180 to $240

Reviewed by Grayson Schaffer

Photo: Jens Mortensen

An 18-volt cordless drill is the go-to power tool for pro builders. The latest models use ultralight lithium-ion batteries and compact designs to put all that construction-site brawn in a nimble, home-size package.

1. Milwaukee M18 2601-22

Engineered with homeowners and backyard carpenters in mind, the 4-pound M18 performed beautifully on every reasonable task we set it to, including driving a finger-thick half-inch lag bolt to the hilt in a solid slab of cedar. For nimbler work, the low-gear setting provided enough precision to literally take apart the competition. It can’t match a full-size hammer drill for jobs like sinking anchor bolts into granite, but those behemoths can’t match the versatility of the agile M18 for home use.

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