Billions for Missile Defense, Not a Dime for Common Sense

At a time of tight budgets, doubling down on a risky, easily foiled technology is more foolish than ever.


James Woolsey — a former CIA chief — and Rebeccah Heinrichs worry that Barack Obama’s administration might inadvertently give away technical secrets in its quest for missile-defense cooperation with Russia. "Should the United States share critical information about its missile defenses with the Russians, a Russian entity — official or otherwise — could pass that information along to Tehran, enabling the Iranians to capitalize on the weaknesses in the U.S. system," they write.

If so, this would be just another problem to add to the long list of concerns about the deeply flawed missile-defense concept — but it shouldn’t be the main thing keeping Woolsey and Heinrichs up at night.

What they should really be worried about is that the system will never protect the United States or NATO — no matter how many more billions of taxpayer dollars are thrown at it — and that it may actually lead to more nuclear weapons worldwide, not fewer.

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