Ehsan ul-Haq

Pakistan’s former head of Inter-Services Intelligence discusses 9/11, bin Laden and Pakistani security.

Gen. Ehsan ul-Haq took office as the head of Pakistan’s powerful Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) directorate in October 2001, and by the time he retired six years later he had risen to commander in chief of Pakistan’s armed forces. Those positions placed him at the center of the post-9/11 hunt for Osama bin Laden and prosecution of the war in Afghanistan, in which the relationship between Pakistan and the United States on intelligence and military matters was a roller coaster of collaboration and suspicion. Haq spoke with Foreign Policy‘s Charles Homans in London — where the general was addressing reporters at a Thomson Reuters Foundation seminar on security and terrorism — about the Afghanistan war, Pakistan’s recent security troubles, and just how much the ISI knew about where bin Laden was.

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