Photographer Elliott Erwitt

on His Lifetime Achievements

Elliott Erwitt has a new iPad app, a new book, a new award, and a very old cuckoo clock. The legendary photographer shares his thoughts on all of these things—plus what he considers to be his greatest and most memorable achievements—in a discussion with’s Erica Singleton.

By Erica Singleton

Photographs by Elliott Erwitt

Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, 1950.

Paris, France, 1989.

North Carolina, 1950.

Bakersfield, California, 1983. “The picture of the nudist contestant trying to influence the judges in a contest for Mr. Nude California was taken in Bakersfield, California. He did not win.”

Las Vegas, Nevada, 1954.

Birmingham, England, 1991. The dog picture was taken at Croft in England. “Probably the most important yearly dog show in the world. On that year, 25,000 dogs were judged, and some of the participants apparently were also interested in the event.”

East Hampton, New York, 1983. “The art-class picture was taken in my studio in East Hampton. The idea is: What does a figure model think about when she’s posing for an art class?”

New York City, 1955.

California, 1955.

Marilyn Monroe, in New York, 1956.

Jacqueline Kennedy at John F. Kennedy’s funeral in Arlington, Virginia, November 25, 196

Che Guevara in Havana, Cuba, 1964.

Tango dancers, Helsinki, 2001.

Florida Keys, 1968.

New York City, 2000.

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