IMF Chief a “Gluttonous Womanizer”

By Lorraine Millot and Fabrice Rousselot
Translated By Michelle De Saintfuscien

Edited by Alexan­der Anderson

France – Libération – Original Article (French)
Will the Strauss-Kahn affair bring the French and the Americans closer together? In other words, the libertines who up until now did not take offense at their leaders’ philandering, and the ultra-puritans for whom a simple extramarital affair is enough to dismiss a politician? It would be a great opportunity.
Already in 2008, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) achieved a mean feat by convincing the Americans that his extramarital affair with a subordinate would not prevent him from being an excellent IMF manager. Brandishing the new "Sofitel affair," the Americans in return now seem to expect the French to inspect the bed sheets of their politicians with a little more attention, especially when the latter are bound for export.
French politicians had difficulty "faking genuine surprise" upon learning the news of DSK’s misadventure, notes Philip Gourevitch with humor in a well-observed post on one of The New Yorker’s blogs. "DSK has long had a reputation as a gluttonous womanizer and shamelessly conspicuous consumer in Paris," this blogger reminds us. "If he had done in France what he stands accused of doing in New York, it would likely have been kept much quieter, and not be the lead story all over the world," says Gourevitch, who, of course, brings up Polanski, our last big Franco-American libido case. "This is a country, after all, that welcomed Roman Polanski when he fled after pleading guilty to the statutory rape of a child in California — and it was from Paris that the campaign to defend his escape was mounted most vigorously last year."

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