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Chuck Squatriglia

Ian Barry and the crew at Falcon Motorcycles have rolled out another beautiful custom, this one a riff on the venerable Vincent Black Shadow.

The Black Shadow was an incredible machine that essentially set the benchmark for performance through the 1950s. It was blindingly quick, something Rollie Free proved at Bonneville in 1948. Barry and a team of six craftsmen spent one year building an homage that is as much a work of art as it is a motorcycle.

According to our friend Chris Hunter at Bike EXIF, the Black Falcon features a 1952 Black Shadow engine that was discovered in pieces. The 1,000cc mill had been modified for drag racing, so Barry had the engine stripped to the last part and meticulously rebuilt. It now runs like “a 75-bhp Swiss watch.”

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Photos: Falcon Motorcycles via Bike EXIF.

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