Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

by Sarah Mower | photographed by Bruce Weber

They may be only five feet one apiece, but the Olsen twins are much bigger than you’d think. This is the year they’ve jointly jumped hurdle after hurdle toward winning credibility for The Row. First there was their impressively wearable blush-tinted spring collection, which they wrested from disaster when the samples didn’t turn up on time and rushed to show in Paris. Then came the fall collection in New York, which left the most hard-core fashion skeptics in a slight state of shock over its subtle sense of inclusivity. Here was something for everyone to aspire to: considered, wearable pantsuits, great corduroy jackets with ostrich-patch elbows, incredible coats of every length, pretty but not cute slipdresses, crazily glamorous furs—not to mention the surprise garnish of glossily tactile crocodile and python bags. How could this collection, which started with a nicely made T-shirt and a few leather leggings, suddenly be looking suspiciously like a contender for the higher ranks of American luxury?

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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wearing The Row dresses.

Photographed by Bruce Weber


Photographed by Bruce Weber


Photographed by Bruce Weber


Photographed by Bruce Weber


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