A High Tech Military Deployed the Ancient Art of Stealth to Capture Their Man

By Gary Stix 










… They decided that he couldn’t be in a cave or in the Pakistani frontier territories because that’s exactly where everybody thought he would be. So there were probably only two other places in the world he could be holed up: somewhere else in Pakistan or in Somalia. Afghanistan probably would have been okay, too, except there were just too many cops.

So, if, in the most likely case, he was still in Pakistan, he would probably be hiding ostentatiously in plain sight. And that’s when old-fashioned shoe leather and detective work came into play. Why was an obviously non-affluent Pakistani man going to and from that complex with the insanely high walls just a few miles from the capital city of Islamabad?

The whole affair turned into a game of low-tech one-ups-manship. The compound itself reportedly had no phone or Internet service. The place was off-the-grid, even if it was only a few miles from military facilities…

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