International Support Is Needed in Conquering the Nuclear Power Plant Crisis

Translated By Nathan Biant

Edited by Gillian Palmer

Japan – Chunichi Shimbun – Original Article (Japanese)
The support of various countries was soon offered to Japan after the disaster at the Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant. Both developed countries and developing countries are strongly reliant on nuclear energy and thus, cannot just sit back and watch while Fukushima struggles with radiation leakage.
Due to the tsunami, serious accidents occurred at four nuclear power plant units, but no plans for restoration are to be made. The country offering the most support is America. Forty energy conservation experts came to Japan and are putting the final touches on a plan to stop the radiation that is leaking from the Japanese side.
The American government sent remote-control robots to Japan, which can perform tasks even inside the contaminated nuclear facilities. The robots can photograph the state of things, and if they measure a large quantity of radiation, America will help Japan with the repair work. Hopefully, they will be able to send them into the site as soon as possible to join the Japanese robots that have already been sent over by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Approximately 140 people will be dispatched near the area from the American Army’s radioactive damage-control specialist unit.
France, another major power country, is also actively involved. President Sarkozy came to Japan on the 31st, after his visit to China, promising to give his full support to Prime Minister Naoto Kan. The chief executive officer and five experts from AREVA — the company that produces the mixed plutonium and uranium oxide fuel utilized at the Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant — have come to Japan with the technology to deal with the contaminated water resulting from the radioactive material.

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