Coastal Elites Sipping Wine

Vine Talk confirms every Republican suspicion about PBS.

By Troy Patterson

Still from Vine Talk.Stanley Tucci hosts Vine Talk

… We are warmed up for the first episode—"Navigating Napa Valley Cabernets"—by a pleasant fellow named Ray Isle, who is an editor at Food & Wine magazine and this program’s "wine host." "We take the mystery out of discovering a great wine," Isle promises in the intro. "Have you ever been handed the wine list in a restaurant and realized you have no idea what wine to choose? I’ve felt that way. It was stressful!" I, too, have shuddered with this particular nausea. My coping strategies have included bouncing the ball into the court of my dinner partner with an air of regal deference, pleading for the waiter’s guidance with puppy-dog eyes, and simply ordering another gimlet, please, up, and choosing the second-cheapest Malbec.

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