Truth and Lies

By Franck Nouchi
Translated By Mylène Perdreau

Edited by Jessica Boesl

France – Le Monde – Original Article (French)
There is a tab on the White House website that will direct you to press briefing transcripts. It is a tradition as old as the American democracy: Every day, the president’s spokesperson, an adviser, or even the president himself answers the questions of accredited journalists. Everything that is said in the room is "on the air," meaning that it may be broadcast all over the world right away. Each word is published online so that any Internet user, wherever they are in the world, may access these transcripts.
In the U.K., the same Q-and-A exercise takes place twice a day with journalists accredited to "10 Downing Street."
There is nothing like that in France, Natalie Nougayrède — our colleague at Le Monde in charge of foreign affairs matters — explained on the media analysis TV program "Arrêt Sur Images."

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