European Commission Aims to Phase Gasoline- and Diesel-Powered Cars Out of Cities by 2050

The body’s new white paper outlines a complete transportation strategy that is one of the world’s most ambitious efforts to cut oil use and greenhouse gas emissions

By Saqib Rahim and ClimateWire

Will there be traffic jams like this one on the Champs-�lys�es by midcentury? Image: MaryPortier via Flickr

An E.U. body has outlined a plan to phase out most fossil-fueled cars by 2050.

Europe already has among the highest fuel taxes in the world, and Europeans are already used to smaller cars, more transit and more walking than elsewhere in the developed world.

Yet in a white paper released Monday, the European Commission said that to meet climate goals by midcentury, gasoline- and diesel-run cars must disappear from cities.

The white paper outlined a complete transportation strategy that probably ranks as the world’s most ambitious effort to cut oil use and greenhouse gas emissions.

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