Electric Superbike to Attack Pikes Peak

By Chuck Squatriglia

Chip Yates is hell-bent on proving electric motorcycles can run with the best machines on two wheels. Now that’ he’s spanked a bunch of race-ready rides on the track, he’s taking his campaign to the mountains with a 240-horsepower beast.

Chip Yates plans to attack Pikes Peak on his electric superbike during the 89th running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on June 29. He won’t be the first e-moto to join the Race to the Clouds — John Scollon competed last year on a bike built by Eva Håkansson. But he’s the first with a shot at embarrassing some gasoline machines.

Making it to the summit will be no small feat and another milestone in the development of electric motorcycles. Pikes Peak is among the most challenging events in motor sports, a frantic 12.4-mile scramble through 156 turns. The course, which includes pavement, dirt and gravel, rises from 9,390 to 14,110 feet.

And Yates plans to ride it on a street bike based on the Suzuki GSX-R750.

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