The Brainiac’s Kitchen

Scientist, foodie, obsessive: Nathan Myhrvold puts it all out there with his six-volume cookbook.

By John Heilpern

Illustration by Tim Sheaffer

Nathan Myhrvold, the likable multi-millionaire techno-nerd who founded Microsoft Research in 1991, is the only person I’ve met who has considered what a dinosaur would taste like.

“I’ve thought about this deeply,” said the man who keeps a life-size replica of a T. rex skeleton at home. “Eating dinosaur would almost certainly be like eating ostrich. Which tastes quite nice.”

The passions of Dr. Myhrvold—eccentric bungee jumper, molecular gastronomist, world-champion barbecuer, scientist, inventor (and paleontologist)—remind me of an unstoppably curious puer aeternus who’s likely to blow up a research lab accidentally.

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