Saint Patrick Didn’t Have It Easy

… but at Least the Food Wasn’t Bad

Shipped to Ireland as a slave, it must have been a cold, hungry journey for Patrick. But through her researches, Irish food expert Regina Sexton from University College Cork, has been able to recreate the diet available in 5th century Ireland to a young saint-in-the-making.

UCC food and culinary historian Regina Sexton explains the type of food that St Patrick would have eaten. (Credit: Image courtesy of University College Cork)

It is safe to say that obesity was not a problem in those days, and that the fare was seasonal, wholesome and modest by today’s standards. Dairy produce and cereals were everyday staples and St Patrick would have consumed lots of fresh milk, sour milk, thickened milk, colostrum, curds, flavoured curd mixtures, butter and soft and hard cheeses.

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