Polygamy’s Strange Charm

As TLC’s hit polygamist reality show Sister Wives returns, the threat of criminal charges against the Browns looks unlikely. Joyce C. Tang talks to them about shaking the stigma of plural marriage.

by Joyce C. Tang

Since “coming out” to the world as Mormon polygamists on TLC’s reality series Sister Wives, the Browns have had their share of growing pains. The biggest, they say, was adjusting to new wife Robyn. In January, the family packed up and moved from their spacious home in Utah to Nevada. In their new community outside of Las Vegas, they don’t have a church, and it’s been a challenge finding a home that can fit all 21 of them. Currently, they’re scattered among four different houses, one for each wife: Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

HP Main - Tang Sister Wives TLC The separation is only temporary, until they can build their own polygamist-style house with separate living quarters for each sister wife. And “there have been a lot of benefits,” Janelle said about the show.

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