They Hate Us Because We Don’t Know Why They Hate Us

Malou Innocent

In light of the killing of four Americans by Somali pirates earlier this month, it is useful to explore the ways in which Washington has repeatedly tried and failed to bring order to the destitute African state that is Somalia.

In December 2006, neighboring Ethiopia, backed by U.S. aircraft, commandos and logistical support, toppled Somalia’s loose network of Islamist Sharia courts, the closest thing to a unified government the country had in 15 years. When Somalia descended into clan-based warfare in the early 1990s, officials in Washington agreed to enforce a March 1993 United Nations resolution that pledged to rehabilitate Somalia’s economy and reestablish national and regional institutions. But the humanitarian mission eventually would task U.S. military forces with disarming Somali warlords and conducting house-to-house weapons searches. At the time, State Department official David Shinn spoke of "basically re-creating a country," while then-UN ambassador Madeleine Albright said America’s mission "aimed at nothing less than the restoration of an entire country as a proud, functioning and viable member of the community of nations."

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  1. opit says:

    “No doubt U.S. leaders had the best of intentions. But their noble attempts to rescue Somalia spawned a number of unintended consequences.”

    I believe those are called ‘facts not in evidence’…or more commonly b.s.

    This is merely reiteration of the Mission Statement covering this and similar operations elsewhere. For instance
    U.S. Interventions – 1945 to the Present William Blum
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    18 Jan 2010 … is the leading source for reliable military news and military information, directed by John Pike.

    Howard Zinn on US Interventions, 3/19/08 Part 1
    10 min – 2 May 2008
    Uploaded by Chomskyan

    Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II
    A detailed record of U.S. foreign policy since World War 2: the widespread death, destruction, and suffering caused by numerous U.S. military and CIA …

    It helps to know which questions to ask. After the invasion of Iraq I discovered information referred to as ‘the Bible for Iraq’ not covered in ‘Western’ press cached by Don Rumsfeld. “Post-Saddam Iraq : Desert Crossing” provides the rationale for ‘decapitating heads of governments in an arc covering the oil bearing regions of the Middle East’. That job is implemented more currently by Twitter/Facebook Colour Revolutions staged by NATO/CIA/Mossad/SAS in countries where American puppet rulers were installed : just like Saddam Hussein.

    URL and State Dept. docs > Topical Index > Documents

    Foreign Policy likely holds a few more surprises.

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