Morgan’s Newest Car Travels Back to the Future

By Chuck Squatriglia

Morgan Motor, the eccentric British automaker with one foot planted firmly in the last century, is reprising the first car it ever built and we have this to say: Oh hell yes. Sign us up.

Automakers have never been short of crazy ideas, and the Morgan Threewheeler (yes, one word) is somewhere near the top of the list. The car was odd when it first appeared in 1909 and it’s even more so today. But it is at heart an elemental machine, one that, for better and worse, places nothing between you and the experience of driving.

The originals were wickedly fast for their time, winning the French grand prix in 1913 and lapping Brooklands at more than 100 mph. Threewheelers set several long-distance speed records in the 1930s. The modern take, dubbed the 3-Wheeler, should be at least as quick.

Photos: Morgan Motor Co.

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