Janet’s Precautions

By Gerardo Unzueta
Translated By Yanina Weingast

Edited by Nathan Ladd

Mexico – El Universal – Original Article (Spanish)
First, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano gave a warning to drug cartels in Mexico, as she did half a week ago in El Paso, Texas: “Don’t even think about bringing your violence and tactics across this border. You will be met by an overwhelming response. … We are deeply concerned about the drug cartel violence taking place in Mexico. … We know that these drug organizations are seeking to undermine the rule of law in northern Mexico and that we must guard against spillover effects into the United States.”
Second, U.S. Army Undersecretary Joseph Westphal said last Tuesday: “As all of you know, there is a form of insurgency in Mexico with the drug cartels that’s right on our border. … Maybe this is more of a personal opinion, but I’ve certainly shared with people at the White House. … This is about potentially the takeover of a government by individuals who are corrupt. …” The undersecretary said he did not want to ever see a situation in which “armed and fighting” American soldiers are sent to combat an insurgency across the border.
Third, when on Wednesday the undersecretary was forced to withdraw his statements — not by diplomatic authorities, but by the military and Department of Defense — Janet Napolitano returned to the U.S. The secretary of homeland security made it difficult for Mexico’s foreign affairs by responding in an “open” setting to members of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Homeland Security. “All I will say is that we have, for some time, been thinking about what would happen if say al-Qaida were to unite with the Zetas,” she said. “The U.S. has taken actions to mitigate these possible threats. …” She also said she will not say anything more in public: “I’ll just leave it at that.”

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