Congress: Muslims Once Again in the Spotlight

By Jean-Sébastien Stehli
Translated By Daniel Pick 

Edited by Mark DeLucas

France – Le Figaro – Original Article (French)
Since the “Ground Zero mosque” affair and the anti-Muslim sentiments it stirred across the entire United States, anti-Muslim rage has clearly lost steam. But two issues risk rekindling the fire.
First, the stance taken by the White House regarding the participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in a possible settlement of the Egyptian political crisis. Ever since White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs stated that a resolution to the crisis must include “non-secular” groups, a wave of panic arose among the pro-Israel contingent in America. Likewise, the Israeli government asked for clarification.
The other issue is the decision of Peter King, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in the House of Representatives, to call Arabs and Muslims to testify before Congress. Storm Alert.
The New York Republican wants certain members of these groups to testify to a commission on the risks of terrorist activity on American soil. The commission concerns perceived heightened risks in the United States, as experienced in England in the last few years, to such a degree that last weekend, Prime Minister David Cameron questioned aloud the politics of tolerance passed down in Britain.

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