Is the Mexican Government Going Easy on the Sinaloa Drug Cartel?

Ted Galen Carpenter 

One curious feature has emerged in the Mexican government’s four-year-old offensive against the country’s murderous drug cartels. Some trafficking organizations seem to be in the crosshairs of the authorities more than others. One gang in particular appears to have suffered far less damage than any of its competitors. David Shirk, the director of the University of San Diego’s Trans-Border Institute, notes that the Mexican government has delivered significant blows over the past few years to seven of the country’s eight most prominent cartels. Shirk speculates that the eighth, largely unscathed group, the Sinaloa cartel, might now become utterly dominant, especially in western and northwestern Mexico. If that occurs, he believes that it might actually prove beneficial by reducing the bloody power struggles that have so convulsed the country.

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