Orgasm Inc. Probes Pleasure Profiteering

By Scott Thill

Indie sex-and-science documentary Orgasm Inc. deftly deflates the pharmaceutical industry’s hunt for a lucrative cure to female sexual dysfunction.

Fresh from a decorated festival run, Liz Canner’s movie digs into the fake disorder, also called female sexual arousal disorder, as well as the latest attempts to turn feminine sexuality into a treatable medical condition.

The basic concept is lunacy with a long legacy extending back to female hysteria and refrigerator mothers. The fact that a so-called female Viagra has been vigorously pursued by medical professionals and the pharmaceutical industry is consensual cultural madness.

Canner’s Orgasm Inc., which opens theatrically in New York on Friday and arrives on DVD in June, smartly and whimsically makes naked the impoverished premises and proofs behind the treatment of FSD.

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