Few American friends for Wikileaks

Academic Noam Chomsky and activist John Perry Barlow are among the few public supporters of Julian Assange in the USA.

By Simon Leo Brown 

The debate in Australia over Wikileaks has largely been in support of Julian Assange, with an open letter to the Prime Minister in his support signed by dozens of high profile Australians.

USA academic Noam Chomsky says that in his country, however, ‘articulate public opinion is basically calling for blood’.

"If they could get their hands on Assange they’d probably want him drawn and quartered," he says.

It should surprise no-one that Prof Chomsky does not share that view.

The left-wing academic says he has spent a lot of time a lot of time reading declassified documents and that secrecy is usually aimed at ‘protecting the government against their own population’.

Noam Chomsky and John Perry Barlow spoke to Jon Faine on 774 ABC Melbourne Mornings.

Expand/CollapseWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on the cover of TIME

Despite his profile Julian Assange has few supporters in the USA (Time magazine)

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