Air Force Blocks WikiLeaks-Publishing Times Website

By Spencer Ackerman

Credit where due: the New York Times is publishing some great stuff right now. Here’s an interesting piece comparing the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs. Here’s Harvey Araton poring over Cliff Lee’s decision to return to the Phillies instead of taking his talents to the South Bronx. And here’s something about Taiwanese researchers seeing what they can learn about the human brain from fruit-fly neurons. I can easily read all of them online — because I’m not an airman.

In a brain-melting move, the cyber-guardians of the 24th Air Force have blocked user access to, the Wall Street Journal reports, to prevent airmen from reading the WikiLeaks cable descriptions that the Times is publishing. It’s not just the Times, either: other news organizations with early access to the purloined WikiLeaks diplomatic trove are banned. That’ll teach you to read the Guardian, Le Monde, El Pais or Der Spiegel at work.

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