Reinventing the Turkey

What Bon Appétit, Food and Wine, Saveur, and other magazines recommend you make for Thanksgiving.

Sara Dickerman

Thanksgiving scene. Click image to expand.

It used to be that the Butterball turkey talk line was the state of the art in Thanksgiving advice (and it’s still the easiest way, short a knowlegeable relative, to get someone to talk you down from a defrosting disaster). But in this year of app ascendancy, it’s no wonder that Web sites have tried to gadgetize Thanksgiving. You can find a Thanksgiving menu generator at BonAppé while Chow is offering a Thanksgiving Dinner Coach app for the iPhone, which walks you through basic Thanksgiving recipes and also cobbles them together into a helpful shopping list and prep timeline. In its Thanksgiving planner, Food and Wine puts together three different menus depending on the cook’s ability to prepare dishes ahead of time (turkey confit for the advance planners, paprika turkey for the dillydalliers). The New York Times, bent on upping the health of your holiday table, has a highly visual guide to meatless Thanksgiving recipes, which will grow, adventlike, every day until the fourth Thursday in November. Taste of Home magazine uses the same concept with its holiday pie countdown (featuring Pillsbury ready-made pie crusts in every recipe). The ghost of Gourmet magazine is alive and well on the iPad, where Gourmet Live offers posh Thanksgiving recipes—from turkey breast roulade to pumpkin panna cotta—in app form.

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