For Cycling Geeks, Garmin’s Edge 800 Is Must-Have Kit

  • Garmin Edge 800
  • $650 as tested

Reviewed by Jackson Lynch

Garmin Edge

Garmin Edge

Garmin Edge

Garmin Edge

Garmin Edge

Garmin, the global GPS innovator has recently introduced the Edge 800, the world’s first touchscreen GPS cycling computer.

My road bike already had the Garmin sensors onboard, so once the 800 was powered up and locked on the satellites, it immediately recognized my bike’s speed and heart-rate sensors. All I had to do was punch in my personal data — age, height, weight — and give the bike a name.

The 800 has five main readout screens. The first is the color map for location and navigation. The second is a graphic and numerical pacing screen that shows your pace against a target. The final three are designated for the numbers and can display as many as six unique metrics per page. The data can be staggering.

Navigation with the 800 is very simple — just input an address or merely tap a location on the screen and it quickly calculates a turn-by-turn route with audio prompts along the way. If you take a wrong turn or merely meander, it quickly recalculates for you.

Garmin Connect is the maker’s web way station for digi-crunchers and a place to share ride routes with other Garminites. Hook up the device to a computer with a mini-USB, log into the site, upload your activities and then slather yourself in it.

Users can also share their data and routes with the world or merely with a chosen few.

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