Check Out This Joint

How WeedMaps turned marijuana reviews into big business.

By Farhad Manjoo Click image to expand.There are several theories for why voters in California rejected a measure to legalize marijuana this week. One argument is that proponents of Proposition 19 didn’t spend enough money on the effort—thanks to Meg Whitman saturating every channel with $100 million in ads for her gubernatorial run, the $4 million spent on the Prop. 19 campaign was too piddling to register. Turnout was also a problem; exit polls show that young people generally supported the initiative, but, as in the rest of the country, they didn’t show up at the polls. (Maybe they were lighting up to celebrate the Giants’ World Series win?) Finally, there’s the bureaucracy theory—as the Los Angeles Times editorialized, Prop. 19 was a terribly flawed initiative, allowing every city and county in the state to set up its own local entity for taxing and regulating marijuana. In an anti-government year, perhaps even potheads couldn’t smoke that schwag.

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