Cook a Steak

Photo: Chris Jones/Wired

Photo: Chris Jones/Wired

Choose your meat

There are many different cuts of meat, but the best for grilling include: ribeye, New York strip, T-bone, porterhouse, and tenderloin (filet). Of these, porterhouse and ribeye are the most flavorful (read: fatty), while strips and tenderloins are generally the most tender.

Don’t be afraid of some cheaper cuts such as the flank, tri-tip, or flat iron. Though generally tougher, if properly cooked and sliced, these can be some of the most flavorful. And you will have saved 50-75% off of the cost of more traditional cuts, making a delicious steak meal a much more common occurrence.

When you’re choosing a steak, look for good marbling (the streaks of fat in the meat) and go for cuts that are at least one inch thick, and ideally closer to two inches. The thicker the steak, the less it will dry out during cooking. The USDA grades steak based on its quality, and the best cuts are designated "prime." The next-best is "choice," and after that is "select." If you want to get the best of the best, dry aged steaks are extra tender and boast a more concentrated flavor.

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