Gmail’s "Priority Inbox" sorts important e-mail for you

By Jacqui Cheng

You know the feeling: opening up your e-mail to find hundreds of messages of varying importance. Some are automated reminders from your favorite sites, some are newsletters you have subscribed to, some are actually from real people trying to contact you, and so on. Separating the wheat from the chaff can be overwhelming much of the time, and even the most carefully crafted filters don’t keep up with the ever-changing nature of what’s important to you.

Google is hoping to address that problem with a new feature in Gmail called Priority Inbox. Aimed at providing users a way to get through their inboxes as efficiently as possible, Priority Inbox tries to learn your e-mail habits in order to decide which messages are important to you, and move them up to the top where you can see them first.

Important messages are floated to the top, while starred messages are underneath, and then everything else is under that.

Gmail looks at the sender and actions you’ve taken on similar messages in order to decide what to elevate and what to leave alone. (Do you star them? Get rid of them immediately? Reply to them?) Like many spam systems, you can help teach Priority Inbox by telling it which messages are important and which ones aren’t. … Read More>>


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