Video: Terrorism suspect sings Avril Lavigne in Canadian Idol audition

Posted By Joshua Keating

This is so ridiculous I’m almost waiting to hear that it’s a huge hoax, but here, for your viewing pleasure, is the Canadian Idol audition of Dr. Khurram Syed Sher, who was arrested, along with two others, on terrorism charges in Ontario yesterday. 

Sher, 28, appeared on the reality show "Canadian Idol" in 2008 singing a comical version of Avril Lavigne’s "Complicated," complete with dance moves that include a moonwalk. He told the judges he’s from Pakistan and likes hockey, music and acting.

Police allege the men had plans and schematics to make improvised explosive devices. Police seized 50 electronic circuit boards which they say could be used as remote-control triggers for bombs. They said one of the men was trained overseas to make explosive booby traps, but did not specify which one.

This is also, strangely, very similar to the plot of the largely forgotten 2006 movie American Dreamz. ā€¦ More>>

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