China’s Bus of the Future

By Bradford Plumer

Annie Lee at China Hush relays the future of public transportation in China: the "straddling bus," which glides over other cars on the road. (Okay, it’s technically called the "3D fast bus," but straddling bus is more apt.).

Apart from looking cool, the idea makes practical sense. Many Chinese cities have severe congestion problems and need more public transit options. Buses can get bogged down amid the slow crawl of cars unless they have their own lanes, and if they do get their own lanes, they’re hogging up road capacity. Not a problem for the straddling bus. Likewise, subways are sleek and convenient, but they’re also expensive and take a long time to build. All that’s involved in a straddling bus is refitting the roads and building station platforms—planners estimate that a system costs just 10 percent of a comparable subway option… Read More>>


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