In View of the end

It will, with all probability come a day when feelings of uselessness, apathy, physical weakness, and boredom subdue and vanquish the will to continue to fight for survival and live a somewhat redundant and useless life of laziness and constant pain in the doldrums. When that time comes, if it ever comes, it’ll probably come a point for the need of some sort of closure about the method of final departure. This sounds pessimistic but is realistic anyway. The shortest way to the exit will have to be chosen. The less painful will be the better. The exit door is right in front and the courage to pass it will have to be gathered fully at full steam with all the necessary logic and rational; and whatever has to be done will have to be done. Incomprehensible as it may seem to others that will have to be it, period. Life, what a comedy divine and ugly, a make believe of roles each seemingly more important than the next and yet coming to the same result and finality. Dust to dust… That’s where superstitions, beliefs, faiths, and other thoughts called religion to give it some legitimacy and differentiate from others, so called lesser ones, comes into play with all its arrogance, power play, nepotism, thought control, etc. Let’s hope that a natural end, with all its quiet dignity, reaches us before that violent storm…

If I’m young and strong, watch out for the path, I may choose, contrary to all benign predictions.

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